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我是一个农场主:I am a farmer 重点词汇释义 农场主farmer 1、他对我说他是一个农场主。 He told me that he was a farmer. 2/有时当工作让我沮丧时,我喜欢幻想自己是一个农场主。 At times when my work gets me down, I like to fantasize a...

我是一个学生 I am a student 希望可以帮到你,还望采纳

I think it is a prospering major. I think it is a promsing major.

I was a rich farmer, I have more than 200 sheep in the fold, I have a piece of their grassland. I had a very happy day.

” I believe that success is to have a dream and achieve it through one's own effort." 这句话才是英语语言逻辑。 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为你解答!

I am an optimistic, cheerful, positive, patient girl. Passion for work, serious and responsible, can hard-working, have a strong sense of time and team awareness. Willing to help others in life, like to make friends and travel,...

I am a child without a home.

My name is LiHua,who is a senior high school student.

I was admitted to school in 2014and will be graduate in 2018.

英语是:I've never been an active person in emotion. 句子解释: active 英[ˈæktɪv] 美[ˈæktɪv] adj. 积极的,活跃的,有生气的; 迅速的,敏捷的; 有效的,起作用的; n. [语法] 主动语态; 积极分子,活跃的人;...

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